Peter Mortimer

I'm a PhD candidate at the Bundeswehr University in Munich. I'm interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Data Visualization.

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Here are all my publcations listed with links to the papers and repositories.

Peter Mortimer, Raphael Hagmanns, Miguel Granero, Thorsten Luettel, Janko Petereit and Hans-Joachim Wuensche

"The GOOSE Dataset for Perception in Unstructured Environments"

International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Yokohama, Japan, May 2024.

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Peter Mortimer and Hans-Joachim Wuensche

"How Do Vision Transformers See Depth in Single Images?"

Workshop on Scene Representations for Autonomous Driving (SR4AD @ ICLR), Kigali, Ruwanda, May 2023.

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Peter Mortimer and Hans-Joachim Wuensche

"TAS-NIR: A VIS+NIR Dataset for Fine-grained Semantic Segmentation in Unstructured Outdoor Environments"

Workshop on Planning, Perception and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles (PPNIV @ IROS), Kyoto, Japan, October 2022.

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Kai Andreas Metzger, Peter Mortimer and Hans-Joachim Wuensche

"A Fine-Grained Dataset and its Efficient Semantic Segmentation for Unstructured Driving Scenarios"

International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Milan, Italy, January 2021.

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Here are all my talks that are publicly available.

"20/20 Robot Vision - How to setup cameras in ROS 1 & ROS 2 using camera_aravis"

ROSCon 2022, Kyoto, Japan.

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